Collected May-Dec 2022

Buttercup flower underneath his chin
Frames of rotation with yellow glow underneathchin
You're a liar you're a liar you're a liar you're a liar

No im not

no im not

Thoughtbranch forks infinitely inside the man's head
Radiates outward through his action and expression

I see mirage paradise of repurpose and creation , twin land masses
Island Lost + Island Found

Spiral mind teaching me

Confidenceto approach the impossible

Inside I find siamese-twins like paper fold out people in infinite strand,, Learn to Love our self-slices in states of solitude;

Calmness and trust during the doubt dawn break of the Unkown Sun rising

Do you play Dice with devil trickster...
Figure it like this, guy:
Digitalexpression is the baby new year, the turn of the 21st century and a soul to celebrate the great opportunity we , as youth, get to tap into for A new media, encompassing all element of all other media ever stamped into history book

call it The Time
and this, now, is the momement within The Time
You Wake up for

no matter if you can
or can't or scared or sitting yello belly-
You have 1 human glowing ember ,
No ignition
If you don't foster the kingling


Inject into the vein of the medium - bring me closer to understanding its function, expression, capability, meaning, and value. For the medium to advance and evolve I must play in the primordial soup. The Elemental jello. I will try to bring meaning to my unknowns, Puzzles which are ready and willing to explode into lush jungles if I give it them electric vision

Pursue the god star . Peel away the plaster. We all got the god star

Flex your head to dive down deep into a Blue Sea

Built in to being a human:
Motivation; Driving force; Passion;
Why does Horse Pull the Wagon He has His 1Purpose
Metal detector on the sand

When life lacks meaning- Remember that the discomforts of exploration will yield truth.
Carve your path ahead- this will alienate you- but you might encounter likeminded travelers along the way.
And the life you lead and where you choose to settle on this path is up to the man on the journey – no one else can make the decisions

Walk and talk with a lens flare on my eye ball. Burn in the sooth mood. Refuel, to fill my head up with the dreams I set out to build - build bridge green beam span over that ocean between my mirage and your hi- 5 sense
A camera and a mission object adventure, to capture the imp of my eyes on the real rock;

Every thing is made of many different thing., on a timearrow path into 1 chaos


During an effort, the desire to throw it all to the trash canister may knock on your door. I have this feeling sometimes. But I notice further discomfort if I avoid the necessary pieces of the puzzle. We build it for a reason, for the excitement we felt when we took on the challenge of the goal. The goal sometimes grows and gets more distant the further we travel. Endless journey to tackle the dream- to get a hold of it, tame it, let it grow, and release it for the world to see. I've grown fond of the havoc of that uncertainty- the unknown sectors of a goal's outcome and final form. This is the quest we take on, the challenge we must accept when we pursue the beast.

Rather than throw the work into the canister,

An alternative would be to devise an internal affair Wax-scratch road to a brand newmix –
We are able , if willing , to reach our hands to the wire-guts of the self-inscribing machine-

and find a new spark in the ashes of an old dream. Energize the ash and brew the new mana.

The art of the circular-self-remix is strange strange secret treasure- It is an odd feeling to be compelled and forced to obey what the remix commands. But what rises from that cauldron: your creature completing it;s metamorphosis , More powerful than you could have imagined.
The new form of the art is unaware of the past form.
It cannot be shaped by anything but it's present state.
The original vision does not matter, Only present-form matters-
To indulge the creation"s demands, despite great risk of certain failure, IS TO SLAY THE DRAGON ATOP MT. SKI+SNOW

Drifting onto the self-remix highway is not a light-switch. The lane-change will require rest, relaxation- rekindle the mind and reassess the situation. Reassess your capabilities, your timeline, your strengths, your weaknesses. And then tackle the work required to bring the remix into the work you"ve laid out

[ Do not fall for his reptile spelltricks, You must not trust the man who goes by M. LUMI ]

Scoop soil into Plastic bag old man

Autumn Image Harvest

art can be a nameless expression; to send mail with no return postage; art can be a way of dealing with things; the opportunity to leave a marker. maybe the chance
to put on a show, for whatever audience thatmay be;

Controlled Feedback Mechanism; Layered Abstract Interaction
Feedback output which clicks lock and key alongside prior and future feedback;

Cannot grasp with clear vision whether I have or have not embraced myself in a head-lock for 1 year + . Hit the mat grapple withi the trick Ego sensei

I don"t think it is as simple as a manMade-Sabatoge mission to the Star. I think it is more complex, my life on this time arrow- I look inward and see myself slicing down some forks on some roads- whatever these road is middle of no where it feels like it sometimes man for certain
. I Make sure to give my best. to give my active and most concentrated mind towards the greater good of my work my temple my peers and my earth. The habitat is the church The Eye is the Priest and I am that Son of the Son on a mission to put my body ofLife work on show for no 1 in particular - but because I like it and I know what is true and what this life is worth living for. To get up and climb slow up

I do speak in tongues even to my angel twin , I cannot tell I lie oh no I cannot to him my own blood and flesh

Belgium cool, injected into your blood stream

There are a lot of angles to approach the future, and attacking the thing which one most desires. The things which one wishes to accomplish, to see fruit from seed. The plan has to be flexible and ever-changing- the pressure cannot be crushing, and the ego must accept that things take time to take shape- people take time to grow into form, as do ideas and visions

Even with the work put into the road I'm on going as smoothly as could possibly go, the fact is that things take time and the road is long- the sooner one accepts this fact, the better off they will be

On Stepping out of The Spotlight:

To go underground as I have for the past year- As much as I have experienced isolation, exhaustion, uncertainty, and self-defeat, I have also felt freedom, accomplishment, understanding, independence, and a trust in myself and my friends to reach our goal

The isolation comes from my own drive to pursue my mission as a monk on a mountain. To cancel outside influence and pressures, and to test my own taste and vision against the world which exists outside of my domain. I desire to draw water from my own well, and to share that spring of life with the external once it has been bottled for drinking. I fear outside influence on my work and on my dreams- Only because of the nature of connection we experience with the World web and constant link to other artists and minds. All beautiful, but I really wish to find my own language while I have the fire to do so

Exhaustion comes from my own never-ending dream to reach the tall goals, my self-expectations- My desire to hear hidden frequency/ My efforts to do everything I've dreamed of and to visualize and convey it in the vehicle I've chosen to drive. And to execute it wisely, thoughtfully, and fully.

Uncertainty is the devil feeling- A devil pulling you away from the path you've embarked on, telling you things like "not good enough"
"this sucks"
"this is exactly what you feared you would become"
"this is the easy way out"

Self-defeat lives close-by to the devilish uncertainty of one's work. If you let the uncertainty and trepidation overtake you, the defeat inside feels heavy like a wet blanket and you feel lost and aimless, worse off than you were before you ever tried. What a god-awful feeling that is, and I don't have the answer against it when it creeps up on me.

One way to combat this is to move through the liquid time with your head high above your shoulders and your goal to make art and to make your vision as strongly as you are able- There should be no room for uncertainty or defeat as long as you push thoughtfully ahead with hard work and aspirations you can see in your field of view. The aspirations should live inside and the external should not be in focus.

I find this approach harder to realize when I work on a team, as I do have to face the reality of judgement and "best-course" during the decision making and attack on the goals and project. When alone, it is easier to ignore the reality of judgement, the reality of "best-course". The only course which matters is inside the mind and you can confidently silence the exterior pressures of a reality which begs to differ.

I am not front-facing with my work;, the processes, the toil. Closed door development - the processes and practices all twist into 1, :: , the spectacle-the showcase- the performance- the experience. I put focus into the illusion, the slight of hand

Yawns 1nce again from his 1 year coma;

His teachings and his wisdom passed on through bulletin-board campfire song

I see visions of a master-media-index
With A infared sniper scope taped on my head
The Captures hold hands with a vivid purpose and life-force fidelity.
Circulate and Deliver OXYGEN to the artwork

I seek the digital image attitude

Taste Freedom, So Sweet! Yetjoy is drowned by the sound of the bell toll; On the run, and wanted by the world police ;
He is at large , Hunt him down, said the man in the attic of the big red barn house.

as a human I am cyclic machine , I think at least

And running as I walk on this earth rock - holding both trust in myself, and the spaces and faces which are both inside and out-side of me