MyMovie4 -- Composition 1

Jack -5/10/21 (c)

The piece follows a young man shooting the world through the viewfinder of a video camcorder. A curious and adventurous personality. Naive but smart. Little to no spoken dialogue.- Emotion is projected by animated expression and reaction.
The audience is allowed the viewfinder's perspective- While the character films his subjects and life around him- But only breifly, while the character is recording.
The viewfinder's perspective will not be a typical "viewfinder" overlay, nor use of any stock or precomposited overlay effects. Rather, this perspective will serve as the vehicle to present things in visually novel, unique approaches to animation and video in general. The main goal of the short is to present a handful of odd, stunning, interesting, and appealing approaches to motion picture as a concept and function. No deeper meaning or themes, other than the breakdown of our visual and pictoral depictions
Woven loosely by a main structure of narrative, but willing to deviate from this path if to add to the visual component. Unsolidified narrative premise at this stage.

Camcorder model based on The Sony TRV-900, -950