NOV.20.2021 1:01.P.M.

Sleep Bicycle

Ghost ship the ride for a few months- Gives me time to think- Adjust this ship's course, plan my voyage carefully. Internalize what I want, how to get there, and what is good, what is bad. You and I we Travel through the thick swamp- This humid, inhospitable passage of time on Planet ROCK EARTH. Join me once again on the journey through the headspace. Red dot on my radar- I evolve and I adapt with the climate...

The last several months have been dedicated to my computer game. Models and textures- Textures unlike any this world has ever seen. Textures born from mind and from man. Iam The researcher - The image monk on spaceship codename COLORWHEEL

What do I have hopes for? The year comes to a close soon- Next month I will lay out some soft goals, and give some retrospective thought on what I've worked on thus far, and what I want to work on in the future. I am almost ready for another animation project on the scale of Videopix =) for most of the past year, I was not ready to dive into a project so similar again- It was not the right time. If I had, the substance would be thin- Not enough mind meat on that bone. But my mind grows with ideas over flowing at some point it has to be expressed and expressed in a way which I believe in-

I am not interested in chasing wakes from motions I've made in the past. It does not interest me- It does not feel like adventure to ride the current which I know too well- I want new rivers, I want to experience the other side of this mountain. I want to feel a lot of different sides to being an artist- I am curious to learn more always, and that extends beyond technical knowledge and often is one of the most frightening aspects of my life- Is to try to divert my passage into new currents. But I believe in this way, and I believe it is the only way for me to enjoy what I make and what I wish to express. I can't sit on my work's tail for very long or dissatisfaction creeps creeps up

I think about stepping stones in this life moving forward. I have big dreams and a will to chase after them- That's the catch though man- I like the chase more than I like reaping any benefit from that labor. I think that is my human brain wire, that is my nature. This quality extends beyond art- happens with goals of all kinds. Sometimes I feel lost after pursuing a mission- eventually reaching "success" stage of the mission...- I awaken with confusion and feel a bit lost- "why am I here, where am I?" A helpless kid who ran too far. that's how I feel in my head. Uncertain where to go what to do to take me back home.

Sometimes I step up to a wormhole in my mind and I have to step back away and come back to it some other time with better footing. I can see where it might bring me, most likely shipwrecked on some strange island. No land for hundreds of miles- Just pure ocean. I got 1 flare, a pack of Haribo gummy bears, and a bowie knife. There are 6 coconuts total here with me

Email me if you have anything to ask or want to chat, I'm hanging ten feels good to be back. Missed my blog, - my ventilation chamber.

peace - Jack

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