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The sun is warm on my skin. I sit on this black painted metal bench; it reminds me of sitting on a radiator in my house when I was a kid.Very nice for a 5 second sit, cold kid. Too hot after that and I jump off

I draw on paper in my notebooks, and then I am not very fond of using my tablet when I come back to it ; it’s a curse but I also don’t really care (bad curse)
I try to perform a ctrrl-z undo when Im drawing in a park.doesnt work. soon my brain will try an tab to pose mode before moving 1 of my legs. And then ; I am rotating my torso on a gimbal lock.  Wwwww

Working on new meta video s to show and tell on a few of my novel workflow for CGI

I construct the Computer game, brain-aimed on with the Hubble Space Telescope, - the game guide for the administrator of Ceremony. The path of all paths. The ship's brave course, set to minimize chance of wreckage, mutiny, starvation, and in the end, god have mercy farther into heaven almond… dining on the flesh of my fellow crewmates

Molding  thoughts and ideas into metal, lever and switch language; language which will accept action, and spit out reaction.  Transforming organic, branching mind spark into an inorganic system.

The conductor, get all avenues of interaction accounted for. act, react, return,… all  without compromising what your mind came up with. It’s the most obstructed multi language translation possible to get a mind message across.

Film is dope because its just a bunch of pictures going fast . Cant beat that !

What ever happened.

 What the hell happened from where we felt like Kings just enjoying a warped copy of A land before time 2 clocked at 60 Hz on a matte black toshiba 24" tube in the den of your next door neighbor's house, and he left and you don’t know where and you are closer to just being neighbors than good friends so you don’t feel comfortable getting up to see where they went? . .. I grow more excited each day for what I will be able to share with you in the medium of tactical PC gameplay

However I miss animating - Man on a mission mode. ive been drawing a lot more to combat this feeling and that makes me happy

Remember to Keep your tempo . Regulating pace is important


Web Log Print

    Hello good day. my mind won't let me chillback easily like when I was a kid.. My suspiscions are confirmed that time moves far too quickly as I get older. The days=eyelid blinks , the year becomes the day . This drives me up a tree !! I want you to imagine for a moment a vision I have:

    Layer Slices stacked infinitely tall, each slice rubber cemented to the previous one with haste brush application , . The stacker: a massive array of clockwork, made up of gears, pulleys; pistons, rope, belts, locking and unlocking machanisms - engineered in such a way that spirals infinitely backward, with master hand gloves at the end of each spiraling tendril. The entire assembly, the entity, is a clockwork centipede that exists on the plane of time; to us would appear in 3 dimensional slices that flash. pushhing physically Through the back ofa flip book, represented by the frames of that book being flipped. The cheese stacker furiously places slices on the stack. There is a 5-alarm fire consuming the ground floor, rising faster and faster , engulfing the cheese slice tower at an increasing rate of speed, melting the lower levels back into the 1 true big matter soup. The Stacking entity In this metaphor is god I believe and the swiss cheese tower is our dimension domain. The Rubber cement is language. The 5-Alarm fire is entropy. The 1 true soup is all physical matter. And the individual slices of cheese represent the impermanent formations of matter (the tower of them by consequence creates this illusion of form)


Mad respect to the music makers on this earth. I love that shit. That ear honey!! I cant Make the music yet and perhaps not ever. invite more brain powerto works, by joining brain waves together in order to exist. The team assembled, The resources collected. The minds working in dynamic sync

My biological vision is capped at 720i .

So that’s why I have a big deinterlace switch on my forehead


Retopology is Boring TO ME- should be fully automated by now. perfect quad wrap… hell yeah. Christmas RetopoTime: Wrapping Gifts in 3D ™


Um I got a couple new ideas but theyre in the oven and I wana go big and also Go home now. I have a huge sniper scope pointed outmy bedroom window, aimed on the goals I wish to bring to life (Healing Bullets, 50 caliber)


Hello hou have reached the Magic Mojo Mastaa please enjoy this verizon ringback tone while your par-

***Lowers cell phone from ear

***backs up a few steps


 *********Lowers stance; muscles flex,  pulse; ; ; ; ;

**********Sends charged explosive cell impulse to legs

*********1st knee boosts Forward, Upwards, Unlocks and swings open to Land Ahead on 1st foot, With hind leg Following closely behind, knee joint Swings Open, forward momentum upon land impact is directly transferred to the shoulder chain

**shoulders unwind- arm swinging ahead, accelerating limb chain to godlevel **

****The joint chain's terminator, the hand, follows the chainlink in godmotion, the PowerUser releasing grip on the cellular device at the precise moment of the arm chain's arc*******

Seeya.... Au Revoir buddy Holly